Dr. Ian Dawe – Engaging Minds

Karen Godwin & Jalna Rossi 2018 Conference – Recovery and Psychosocial Rehabilitation in the Inpatient and Wellness Programs at the Royal Jubilee Hospital – PDF

Bill Honer – Update on treatment-resistant schizophrenia

Mathew Biehn – Friends and Family Strategies Presentation –, BCSS Victoria Family Counsellor, and Family Member – Family strategies and perspectives in caring for loved ones

SESSION TWO:             

  Cannabis and Psychosis on the Frontlines – Dr. Katherine Aitchison

Hazel Peer support across the island and beyond 2018 (BCSS Victoria) – Don Fraser, Peer Supporter, and Dr. Jason Coupland -Peer Support updates on Vancouver Island:

Schizophrenia Metabolic Syndrome Presentation – Dr. Walter Chow Metabolic syndrome: My head is better but how about my heart?  Dr. Walter Chow

Chris Fraser -oct18–Care of Schizophrenia in Family Practice (002) Taking care of patients with schizophrenia in family practice.  Dr. Chris Fraser


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